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C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast - hosted by Chris Golden and Anna Forsyth - provides commentary on the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL, and pretty much anything else the two want to talk about. There are awesome guests, a few not-so-much, music, and well... anything else they can find under the seats on the Canucks bandwagon. Share your hot takes via the C4 Text Line - https://speakpipe.com/c4podcast

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Below Deck - Jun 11, 2024

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

With Anna away, friend of the show Patrick Johnston - beat reporter for the Vancouver Province and Vancouver Sun - joins Chris to talk Vancouver Canucks hockey. Patrick shares his thoughts on whether the season can be replicated next year, what it might take to make it happen, and who he see the team having the most luck bringing back as they head into free agency.

Thursday May 30, 2024

Despite the optimism Anna & Chris had about the Canucks beating the Oilers in seven, it wasn't meant to be. The pair discuss why it took the team a period & some to remember it was the last game and to shoot the puck, and how emotional the rollercoaster ride was when the team attempted to storm back late in the third period. And with the season now over, they discuss what came out of the end-of-season press conference and what it might mean for the team we'll see next season.

Monday May 20, 2024

Recording the night before the game for all the marbles between the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers, Anna & Chris revisit the past week and discuss what led us to the point where Game 7 - the podcast preseries prediction - came to be. The pair outline what they feel will be a key to victory and discuss who might fill in for Brock Boeser, ruled out due to a "blood clotting issue."

Monday May 13, 2024

With the Vancouver Canucks up two games to one against the Edmonton Oilers, Anna & Chris check in with their pre-series predictions of Canucks in seven and recalibrate if those predictions hold up. They also share their thoughts on what Vancouver is able to do differently against the Oilers when compared to the Predators, and how that will be their key to success.

Monday May 06, 2024

With the Vancouver Canucks on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Edmonton Oilers, Anna & Chris take a moment to share their feelings on Games 5 & 6 against the Nashville Predators.

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Last week, Anna & Chris were oozing with confidence. Then moments after the episode was published, news broke that Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko was out for the foreseeable future. And after processing what it would mean that Casey DeSmith was the presumptive starter, news broke yesterday that he too was out and Arturs Silovs was getting the start.
Had you pitched this prior to the start of the playoffs and tell us that Vancouver would be up three games to one with a chance to win in it Game Five at home, we wouldn't have believed you. Yet here we are.
Anna & Chris discuss everything that has happened and revisit their early series prognostications to see if they remain just as confident.

Towel Power - Apr. 23, 2024

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

The Canucks took game one of the series against the Nashville Predators. Anna was at the game. Chris was not. Yet both felt the energy of the first Canucks home playoff game in a LONG time. The pair discuss what they liked, what they didn't, and how they think the series will play out. They also take a spin around the rest of the league to determine who they like and who they don't.

Monday Apr 15, 2024

After listening to the last episode, the Vancouver Canucks decide to roll the dice to spite Anna & Chris and start Silovs in BACK-TO-BACK games. While they did get points out of both, it was definitely not the approach the pair would've taken. And with DeSmith back in net for the Oilers, the team gets a much-needed two points against the team chasing them for the Pacific Division title.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

It's been a couple weeks since the last episode, and while the Canucks have clinched a playoff spot officially, there's been a fair amount of clenching as they seem to have discovered an inopportune time to get into a slump. Anna & Chris discuss what's going wrong, if the loss of Demko is the sole reason for it, and failing that who (if anyone) is to blame. Plus it's awards season, so the pair discuss which Canucks get which team awards.

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

With Anna not giving the Canucks their due, Chris gloats as the Canucks get the three wins he predicted. The pair also discuss the impact of the Garland's new "named" line, and if the team is playoff ready. Also included in this episode are a few thoughts of the "new" rules coming out of the GM meetings, and how the league continues to bury it's collective head in the sand regarding traumatic brain injuries.


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